Heavenly Virtue Set

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The ""Heavenly Virtue"" Armor set is a common armor for the Tiandi

Unlocking[edit | edit source]

This Armor set can be unlocked at Reputation 0 by playing games, it can be dropped even after Reputation 1.

Info[edit | edit source]

Helmet:[edit | edit source]

The Helmet is made of both metal and cloth. The top of the head is covered by iron cap which has iron wing like shapes on both side. On top it has a ponytail and on the sides and back, a cloth covering the neck and cheeks, the cloth has a little gold on it.

Chest:[edit | edit source]

The Chest is made of both metal and cloth. Front and back have metal plates on, it seems they are held by a rope that is around the torso. On the hips, there is cloth, on the cloth a metal belt. The legs are in metal boots.

Arms:[edit | edit source]

The Arms are made of both metal and cloth. First layer is cloth, on top, metal. The shoulder have metal plates on them with little dragons, the arms themselves are covered in metal that has spikes on it ( both arms) and seems to represent bear claws.