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The Lawbringer

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The Lawbringer
The Lawbringer.png
Faction: Knights
Type: Hybrids
Weapons: Poleaxe

The Lawbringer is one of the Heroes for the Knights.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Once brought Law and Order to the realm, And remains true to their words to do so. Whatever the location is, order will be restored in the lawless battlegrounds.

Story campaign[edit | edit source]

The Lawbringer is the hybrid class for the Knights in the new game For Honor. The Lore of Lawbringer started during the beta. Warren was raised by a blacksmith injured in the battle of Rümburgernshintt,he taught the young knight the ways and honor of the blade.Lawbringer was a physical build with low faith and high physical build with much health like a true tank build should.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Type
*grunt* 5000 Steel Combat
Case of the Mondays 5000 Steel Free Roam
Glorious! N/A Free Roam
Hard Headed N/A Free Roam
My Liege! N/A Combat
Pumped Up! 3000 Steel Free Roam
You Want Some? N/A Combat
You're Welcome 3000 Steel Combat

Feats[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Body Count Killing soldier grants you health and stamina
Catapult Call a catapult strike to deal massive Damage over an area
Conqueror Capture and upgrade control zones faster
Fiat Lux Icon.png Fiat Lux Throw a flash grenade that blinds enemies for a few seconds.
Harsh Judgement Reduce target's Stamina for a short moment
Igneus Ember Several Grenades that deal moderate Damage over an area
Juggernaut You're slowed and gain high Damage reduction
Protected Revive Passive, Your revive is protected & grants
Pugno Mortis Icon.png Pugno Mortis Throw an explosive that deals moderate Damage in an area.
Regenerate Passive, Regenerate your Health when out of combat
Righteous Deflection Passive, Parry to gain high Damage reduction for a short time
Second Wind Recover some of your health.

Moveset[edit | edit source]

Executions[edit | edit source]

Name Cost
Back Breaker N/A
Sweep the Leg N/A
The Impaler 7000 Steel
The Stomp 5000 Steel

Hero Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Renown Renown is balanced across all activities.
Revenge Mode Boosts Damage and Health. All Attacks are Uninterruptable. Parry and Throws knock enemies down. Attacks are Auto-Parried on activation.
Shove Your Shove Attack initiates Chains.
Stunning Top Heavy Attacks Top Heavy Attacks Stun opponents.

Moves[edit | edit source]

Name PC Controls PS4 Controls Xbox One Controls General Action

Weapon[edit | edit source]

See also[edit | edit source]