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I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and am content.
~ Robert E. Howard
The Warborn.png
Emblem Significance: Freedom
Colors: Viking Color 1.png (Passion, Danger)
Viking Color 2.png (Death, Harshness)

The Vikings are one of the Factions in the game For Honor.

Description[edit | edit source]

Previously thought to have vanished, the Vikings have returned – in great numbers – from somewhere across the sea. They have come for many reasons: to plunder, to take new lands, to expand their people, and to reclaim their ancient homeland in the North. Theirs is a tale of blood and victory, and now hundreds of clans dominate the frozen tundra.

Indeed, the Vikings are the undisputed power of the rivers and seas. When this raucous, sea-going nation can set aside feuds and revelries long enough to gather together, they are fearsome to behold. Their warriors live for battle and seek to leave behind a trail of stories and riches won so glorious that the doors to the gods themselves in Valhalla shall open for them in death.

Valkenheim is the Vikings' home.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

The Vikings Champions.jpg

Related achievements-trophies[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Gamer score Trophy
I've Heard Your Name.png I've Heard Your Name Reach Reputation 1 with one of the Viking Heroes Bronze
Working Hard for the Loot.png Working Hard for the Loot Complete the Viking Chapter Bronze

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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